ArtFire Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Turning your home business into an environmentally friendly one is helpful for the earth as well as your piggy bank. Below are 3 quick changes you can make in your working day that will help turn your craft business into a more eco-friendly one.

Turn it Off!
Always remember to power down your electrical equipment at the end of a business day. Too many people leave their printers, copiers, fax machines, and personal computers turned on constantly. Shutting off your electrics when they’re e not in use will cut your energy costs by 50%.
Always recycle what you can, including copy paper. Too many companies toss out old printer paper by the tons daily—don’t follow in their path! While some papers are considered sensitive and need to be disposed of completely, most of the trash generated is just normal copy paper. Recycle these old papers rather than throw them away.
Buy Green!
Why not buy greener products, such as recycled copy paper? Despite minor differences in color and texture, recycled paper works just as well as normal copy paper. And if you’re printing documents simply for the purposes of filing, who cares if it’s not fancy?
I hope you found these tips helpful, thanks for reading! Be sure check out some of our member’s earth friendly crafts on
Happy Crafting, and remember to buy handmade this holiday season!