ArtFire Friday, October 24, 2008

As Halloween draws closer and closer, major chain stores have begun displaying their Halloween costumes and decorations. But most shoppers understand that Halloween outfits from mainstream stores lack originality and quality. The majority of them are designed to be worn only that one night, and therefore they are made with second-rate materials. For a high-quality specialized Halloween costume, shoppers must turn to the craft marketplace.

Artisans in the marketplace should take advantage of this growing demand. Offer people a handmade alternative to low-quality factory produced merchandise. Give them the chance to select style and uniqueness over the mass-produced bland alternative. When shoppers decide to buy handmade this Halloween, they know that they will be the only person at the Halloween party with that costume. That’s because handmade outfits are completely one-of-a-kind and original.

While times are hard for most people, artisans need to keep making handmade. If crafters note trends in the marketplace, they’re more likely to be successful this with their arts and craft business. Right now, demand for Halloween crafts is quickly increasing, and artisans should act on that.

So everyone, remember to buy handmade this Halloween!