ArtFire Friday, October 17, 2008

Have you ever had small but nevertheless precious pieces of material? Often times, little bits and parts of fine fabric are left over after a sewing project is completed. You can’t seem to throw away the cloth, but you also can’t think of anything useful to do with them.
My mom is quite skilled with needlecraft, and she used to find herself in this situation all the time. As a solution, she used the tiny pieces of fabric to make cute little pillows for my dollhouse. With a pinch of cotton, some leftover fabric, and a spot of lace, she made me some truly lovely handmade doll pillows. And with the quick and easy guide below, you too make precious handmade pillows that any child (or adult) will adore!
1. From your scrap sewing materials bin (Everyone seems to have one somewhere) pull out any leftover fabric you enjoy. I prefer velvet, since I like to decorate my dollhouse in Victorian style, but you can use whatever you want. Make sure you have enough material to form two 2 inch squares.
2. Start by sewing your two squares together with matching thread. Make sure you leave one side of your pillow open.
3. Using your finger or a pencil, carefully flip the pillow inside out. Be sure to get all the corners. Using just a little bit of cotton, stuff the pillow until it is packed full. Once finished, sew the open side of the pillow closed, taking means to hide your thread to the best of your ability.
4. Add decoration in the form of lace, buttons, or ribbons to your pillow. You now have a beautiful handmade pillow for yourself or your child!
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