ArtFire Monday, December 21, 2009

After jumping over the 900,000th item mark, we’ve decided to offer a special prize for the user who lists the 1,000,000th item ever listed on the site. The member who helps us to cross this milestone will receive a Pro account on ArtFire completely free.

All sellers on ArtFire are eligible to win, be they Basic or Pro. Members can choose to apply this free-for-life status to their current account, an alternative account, or they can even give it away as a gift!

Currently item listings are still in the early 900,000s, but be sure to join us as we count down to the 1,000,000th item! To see where your item falls in this countdown, just check your product ID, appearing at the end of your item URL. The user will the product ID of 1,000,000 will be announced as the lucky winner!

For details on this prize, click here

ArtFire Monday, August 24, 2009

How would you like to sell your items on Facebook? To have your storefront be available right on your profile or fan page? Well with ArtFire’s new Facebook Kiosk, you can!
ArtFire’s Facebook Kiosk is a unique tool for verified members never before offered by a marketplace. With the Kiosk, you can sell remotely all items listed on your ArtFire shop from your Facebook page. Shoppers can browse your inventory via a special application tab on your profile or fan page, and even complete checkout right on Facebook! Since every transaction is secured by SSL 256 bit high grade encryption, these sales are completely safe. Shoppers can even choose to check out without an account on ArtFire, to make buying that much easier!
Like ArtFire’s RapidCart, the Facebook Kiosk will update in real time. When you make a sale or update your inventory on ArtFire, your Kiosk will reflect those changes. No other site has offered a tool such as this, so be sure to check out our Facebook Kiosk!

ArtFire Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No matter what the occasion, a handmade gift is a one-of-a-kind present sure to make any holiday unforgettable. That’s because handmade goods are specially crafted by talented artists doing what they love. Handmade crafts are each completely unique, and by choosing to give a handmade gift, one is able to offer a present like no other., the premiere online handmade marketplace, offers a wide variety of unique gift guides full of handmade gifts listed by artisans on the site. From Christmas gifts to QuinceaƱera gifts, ArtFire has a guide for just about every occasion imaginable, and intends to keep building more for shoppers to choose from. These guides sort and filter the nearly 200,000 items handmade by talented artisans available on

Shoppers today are faced with an important decision, they can choose to help an artisan pay her mortgage, or they can help line the pockets of a rich CEO. When one decides to buy handmade directly from the artists on ArtFire, all profits from that purchase go straight to the artisan creating the product. The shopper gets a quality unique item made with care and love and these talented artists can continue doing what they love - creating quality handmade goods.

When you choose to buy handmade, you get the opportunity to stimulate the economy at home by helping real people not overseas factories and large corporations. So the next time you shop, think of handmade gifts first.

ArtFire Friday, April 10, 2009

Interested in writing about what you love and working with other artisan writers? Submit an application to be a columnist or editor on! Handmade News is the next generation of Art Daily, an entirely handmade and art oriented news blog. While isn’t quite ready to go live yet, we are currently accepting and reviewing applications for positions on the site. These are paying positions; we’re looking for artisans willing to devote their time to the news blog to make it great! See the Sponsored By section on the right hand side of the page? Once Handmade News is launched, we plan to fill up these spots with paid advertisements. All Handmade News Columnists and Editors will receive a portion of the advertising revenue gained from their category or column. How quickly these ad spots fill up depends on the amount of traffic coming into a particular section of the site, so the more popular our editors’ and columnists’ posts are, the more advertising revenue they can gain from Handmade News. In addition, all editors and columnist receive a FREE verified ArtFire account for however long they choose to hold the post!

If you’re interested in joining our Handmade News team, please click here for more information on the positions and to submit an application. We’re looking for 40 columnists and an editor for each department, so tell your friends to submit an application too!