ArtFire Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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Specialized costumes for your pet can be an amusing addition to any Halloween, but owners know that store bought animal outfits tend to be expensive and cheaply thrown together. Luckily, pet outfits can be made by hand, either from scratch (for those who are skilled with needlecrafts) or adapted from other Halloween outfits.

Getting Started

If you’re not an expert with a needle and thread, don’t worry. Just because you’re making your animal’s outfit by hand doesn’t mean you need to start with nothing. Depending on how big your pet is, you can start with a child or baby’s Halloween costume, easily found at your local thrift store. These outfits can be reworked it to fit your animal with just a little time and some crafting knowhow. If you’d rather not adapt your outfit from another’s, you can also try finding a pet Halloween outfit pattern online.

Measure and Test

A child’s body is shaped very differently from an animal’s. No matter how big or small your pet is, you’ll need to take measurements on your animal and do small changes to the outfit. The best way to do this is to try your costume out on your pet as you make adjustments.

Remember Safety

Consider your pet’s overall happiness as you work. The costume shouldn’t be too tight, and should allow for easy breathing through your pet’s mouth and the nose. Make sure your pet has easy control of his/her legs, head, and tail. The outfit should be easy to put on as well as take off. Remember, if you dress your pet in a poorly fitted costume, he/she will try to wiggle out of it. Also, remember your pet’s physical needs. If your pet needs to use the bathroom while dressed up, will he/she be able to?

Fun Costume Ideas

Dogs tend to be easiest to dress, but with some support cats can also wear costumes. If your animal is not used to being dressed up, you’ll want to go with something simple. Maybe a bright red vampire cape, or a pink tie, or maybe little devil horns.

If you plan on taking your pet trick or treating, you could try making matching or themed outfits for both of you. This year, try going as a couple witches, or maybe you could dress as the pet and he/she could be the master. Since you’re making the costume yourself, you can let your imagination run wild!

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