ArtFire Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last week we launched the newly re-designed ArtDaily blog. We’ve made a number of changes designed to enhance the reading experience and make ArtDaily a more useful and informative place to visit.

Check it out the new ArtDaily here.

We’ll be we having a few new writers contributing, including Kevin, our SMO Director will be posting the Social Media Chronicle, and Caleb, our SEO Director, will be posting InsideHandmade Write-ups and SEO Tips and Tricks. ArtFire’s founders, John and Tony, will also be contributing in their very From the Founders column. Even our Lead Programmer Kyle will be posting in the Tech Updates column.

Another change on this new layout is the appearance of the ArtFire Twitter stream along the right side of the blog. Now readers keep up to date with real time updates from ArtFire on Twitter as they browse the blog. Above this, you can see items from the current featured artisan displayed to give that artist addition exposure. Readers’ avatars will also appear next to comments they make on any article, so they can better identify each other.