ArtFire Thursday, May 27, 2010

Set up Your Google Base Feed with Just a Click
We’ve added a new button in your MyArtFire control panel: the GBase feed creation button. If your feed is set to “no” just select the “yes” button and hit “save” to turn on your Google Base feed! Remember, this feed is only for Google Shopping, and will not affect normal Google search. Check out the forum announcement for full details.

Have a Handmade Weekend with Us
Join together with the ArtFire community the weekend of June 18th -20th and celebrate a Handmade Weekend! Participate in the Handmade Weekend by creating a handmade gift for someone special, a homemade meal for your family, or just supporting handmade on ArtFire! However you celebrate, share your stories and photos on the event wall, and invite your friends and family to participate too!

ArtFire Featured on Discovering Startups and Mashable
This week has been a busy one for ArtFire in the press! A review of ArtFire was posted on Discovering Startups, a blog that features new tech companies. If our review gets enough votes, we could win the Best of Discovering Startups award for June, so be sure to check out the article and vote!, the social media news blog, also included a review of ArtFire in their 10 Great Websites to Buy Handmade article. Be sure to give it a read if you haven’t already!

Checkout by Amazon Integration
Our development team is currently building in Checkout by Amazon to the site, allowing seller to offer PayPhrase and 1-Click Checkout for shoppers. This gives Amazon shoppers the convenience of being able to buy from ArtFire sellers with just a click or a phrase. We’re still working on this feature, but we’ll keep you posted on updates!

Time is Running out to Distribute your Promo Invites
All unused Friends and Family Promo Invites will be expiring June 1st, meaning you only have until next week to share them! If you have been Pro since May 15th, you have 5 Promo Invites you can give out new members looking to upgrade or sign up as Pro. Using these invites, you can help your friends and family sign up at the $12 monthly rate rather than the current $15.95 monthly rate. This rate will never increases long as the Pro account isn’t downgraded (members who downgrade and then decide to upgrade again will have to pay a new membership rate). If you know someone who has been on the fence about upgrading or signing up, be sure to give them one of your invite links! New members looking for invite links can also try asking Pro members in this thread.

ArtFire Thursday, May 13, 2010

Earlier this month we installed a Facebook “Like” button on the ArtFire front page, allowing users to “Like” ArtFire from their Facebook accounts without ever leaving the site or having to navigate to Facebook. Since then, we have continued our adoption of the Facebook “Like” button by placing it on every studio and item on ArtFire. So long as you are logged into Facebook, you can like any studio or item on ArtFire and let your Facebook friends know about it.

Every time you click the “Like button it has the potential to be seen by your friends and family in your Facebook updates. Because the average user on Facebook has between 150-200 friends, if just 5 people click the “Like” button on your items that could be seen by over 1000 people. So give it a try and be sure to encourage others to “Like” your products and studio!