ArtFire Friday, October 10, 2008

This picture shows a woman in the great depression displaying one of her handmade quilts at a local fair. Many people do not think of the 1930s as being in color, since most pictures are in black and white. Those times were bleak, work was scarce, and life was difficult. All these things are expressed in this women’s hard expression. And now, nearly 80 years after this photo was taken, America is facing the possibility of yet another depression.

Let’s face it: the stock market is the toilet. Reporters this morning were throwing around the term “Black Friday” as the Dow Jones dipped below 9,000 points. Markets around the world are starting to go down, and many financial advisers say that this is only the beginning of a global recession, possibly even a global depression.

The truth is, as much as these experts and reporters claim, no one knows for sure what will happen. People begin to panic, and wonder what can be done to survive the recession.

To help our failing economy, Americans should invest in handmade goods from local sellers. When you make the choice to buy handmade, you’re helping another struggling average American citizen, rather than a wealthy CEO of an overseas manufacturing company. Your money is going to another person, who is facing the same kind of financial problems that you are.

And when you buy from local sellers, your money is going back into our economy, which aids in its recovery. Let’s be honest, our economy needs all the help it can get right now. Don’t send your money overseas to buy poorly made overpriced items. One of the reasons our economy is suffering stems from Americans are buying goods from China and India, instead of helping sellers here at home. Choose now to invest you money here, where it’s needed.

If you decide to buy handmade products over mass produced ones, you’re not just helping average citizens, you’re getting a finely made product at a lower price. Handmade items are proven to last longer and be more efficient than factory made items. When you buy handmade goods, you receive a unique specialized item for an affordable price.

And with free artisan listing sites like, you know that 100% of your money goes to support the artist. That’s because ArtFire allows members to list their items for completely free, no royalty fees, no final evacuation fees, no processing fees, no fees at all. The money you spend goes directly to help the artist.

Americas survived the great depression of the 1930s by investing in handmade goods. They knew the importance of aiding other Americans. They helped each other, and they helped local sellers. They supported other Americans, and with the financial boost from WWII, our country was able to come out of a bleak period in our economy. So learn from their example, buy handmade products and support local artists.


Siddeley said...

Thanks for the reminder to buy local - It is nice to think about something that we can do during this stressful time.