ArtFire Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We’ve teamed up with our Common Good partner Delphi Glass for the Ring of Fire Contest! To enter, create an art item using one or more product from Delphi’s Ring of Fire product selection (These items are available for 15% off with the code FIRE15) and submit a photo of the artwork with a description through Delphi’s online Submission Form (available here) before June 30, 2010. Winners will be selected based on criteria for specific awards, which are as follows:


Delphi Awards
People's Choice Delphi's Favorite
Most Inspirational
Best Use of Ring of Fire Materials
Hottest Project for the Summer

Most Creative
Best Use of Recycled Materials
Best Beginner Project
Best Advanced Project
Best Project for Any
Skill Level

Artfire Awards

People’s Choice ArtFire artisan
ArtFire’s Favorite

More Unique

Sponsor Awards
Jen-Ken Kilns Grand Prize
Diamond Tech Crafts' Favorite
GPQ Magazine's Favorite
Glass Craftsman's Favorite
Wardell Publications' Favorite

Each award winner will be eligible for prizes from the company sponsoring the award. These prizes include $50 Delphi Gift Vouchers, a product feature in Delphi’s art glass catalog, a free Pro for life account on ArtFire, a year’s Pro membership on ArtFire with a graphics package from our designer, and a grand prize of Delphi Ez-Pro Deluxe 15-6 Kiln!

You can read more about the contest here.

Good luck everyone!