ArtFire Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To celebrate our newly designed Sell Crafts page we’ve announcing the Share the Love Contest, in which you enter by sharing your favorite Pro feature on ArtFire with the world!

There are four different ways to enter the Share the Love Contest:

On Twitter: Send out a tweet from your Twitter account with your favorite Pro feature, a link to the new Sell Crafts page , and the hashtag #AFSL.

On Facebook: Send out a status update about your favorite Pro Feature and the Sell Crafts page link. Post a link to your status update in our entry thread or send it as a message on Facebook to Kevin ArtFire.

On an offsite blog/personal website: Post about your favorite Pro feature on ArtFire with a link to the Sell Crafts page. Afterward, Just post a link to the entry in the entry thread.

With a Wild Card Entry: Tell your friends, tell your art group, make a flier, get creative! If you have a chance to talk to people about your favorite ArtFire feature in a method not outlined above, this can count as a Wild Card entry. Send your Wild Card entry to Kevin once done!

(Wild Card entries will be deemed invalid if they violate the Law, the Terms of Service of another site, or if the entry is a post in another marketplace's social interaction space.)

This contest will run for Two weeks starting today, with a winner for each week, so you have two chances to win! You may enter one time per week per one of the four methods, so you can enter four different ways each week!

Checkout the Entry Thread for more details on our Share the Love Contest.