ArtFire Friday, April 16, 2010

Back on Google Base

Most of our Pro items are back on Google Base, and we are working with Google support to get additional feeds for the sellers (Basic and Pro) with items not yet on Google Base. Remember that Google Base is different from organic Google traffic, which we have not had any issues with so far.

We’ve added in a new Pro feature that will help members determine why their items are rejected by Google Base. This feature will allow members to mouse over a rejected Google Base status on ArtFire and receive a message letting them know why it was rejected. Since not all products are back on Google Base, many items will appear “pending” or “rejected” right now, but once everything is back on Google Base members will be able to use this tool to know what changes they need to make to resubmit their item to Google Base.

Artisan Sales Surpass $2 Million

Our completed member sales exceeded $2 million earlier this month! Out of those $2 million items sold, 65% of them were handmade and fine art goods. Over 80% of these products were from Pro member studios.

ArtFire Items Now on

ArtFire items are now available on! TheFind is a search engine for shopping similar to Google Base. Since TheFind receives 5-8 million shoppers a month, this should provide quite a bit of additional exposure and traffic for our artisans.

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