ArtFire Thursday, May 13, 2010

Earlier this month we installed a Facebook “Like” button on the ArtFire front page, allowing users to “Like” ArtFire from their Facebook accounts without ever leaving the site or having to navigate to Facebook. Since then, we have continued our adoption of the Facebook “Like” button by placing it on every studio and item on ArtFire. So long as you are logged into Facebook, you can like any studio or item on ArtFire and let your Facebook friends know about it.

Every time you click the “Like button it has the potential to be seen by your friends and family in your Facebook updates. Because the average user on Facebook has between 150-200 friends, if just 5 people click the “Like” button on your items that could be seen by over 1000 people. So give it a try and be sure to encourage others to “Like” your products and studio!