ArtFire Thursday, April 1, 2010

We’ve lowered the price of most of our Featured Studio Spots, which current show on the right of all trend pages, gift guides, and categories. Users are able to purchase month long ads at a fraction of the original cost. These are highly targeted pages and offer an easy way for you to get more exposure and traffic to your studio. All you need is a 110 x 110 pixel image to get started!

The New Pricing Breakdown:
Top Level Categories (I.e. Handmade, Fine Art, etc): $20/ Month
Main Level Categories (categories within the top level categories, i.e. under Handmade< Accessories, Bath and Beauty, etc): $10/Month Sub Level Categories (categories within the main level categories, i.e. under Jewelry< Necklaces, Bracelets, etc): $5/Month Trend Pages (I.e. Alice in Wonderland, Steampunk, etc): $10/Month Gift Guides (I.e. Easter, Mother’s Day, etc): $10/Month However, since Jewelry has been our most popular featured ad spot on ArtFire, it has been decided that ad prices there will remain as they were before the price reduction. This means a month ad in the Jewelry main category will be $20, while all sub-categories under Jewelry are priced at $10/monthly. Jewelry is the most competitive category for ad spots, lowering the price would be unfair to artisans who have already purchased their featured spot in advance.

You can purchase Featured Studio Spots by clicking here or following an of the "Advertising Info" links on any category, trend page, or gift guide on