ArtFire Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all want to make a difference, but have no clue how to start. I mean it is not like we’re all billionaires, with immense amounts of money and time to spare changing the world. Most of us are just trying to get by, and when it comes to helping others, yeah, maybe we’ll get to that after the house is clean and the bills are paid and the kids are put to sleep. And really, one person can’t make that much of an impact right?

WRONG. The most vital aspect to remember about making a difference is that lots of individuals making small efforts independently really can change the world. And you don’t need much time or money to make an impact. All it takes is a small gesture of consideration.

And now, Artfire is going to help you make that impact. With our new Top 10 Ways to Change the World Right Now at Your Computer article posted in Art Daily, you’ll find a list of ways to make an impact. And the bets par is that everything on this list can be done without ever leaving your computer chair. So go take the first step to changing the world and making a difference!

Thanks for reading, and always buy handmade to support local artisans!



CT said...

I loved this article. In particular #5, about leaving encouraging comments on blogs to support the artists. I just started doing that myself (took the leap...okay someone had to push me) and you know your right. It's fun giving positive feedback because typically you get a nice message back which makes you feel all that much better inside. - CT