ArtFire Thursday, November 6, 2008

Most people have some misinterpretations about energy usage when it comes to their personal computers. There are many misconceptions floating around about efficient computer use, but after some thorough investigating on the web, I’ve constructed a short list of methods to aid users in making use of environmentally friendly personal computer skills.
Tip 1: Avoid printing from websites.
Generally when you print from an internet site, you end up with pages of pictures and advertisements from the site that you didn’t really need. Next time when you print form the web, try copying just the text or information you need into a Word document. Most anything on a web page can be displayed in a word document, and from there you can easily to delete the pictures and ads that you don’t want to print. This saves paper and ink.
Tip 2: Forget the screensaver.
Let’s clear up a common myth about screensavers: they do nothing. They’re pretty, sometimes even entertaining, but that’s all. They don’t save power or allow resting time for your computer, so if you’re not lovin’ your screensaver, go into the control panel and disenable it. And while you’re there, change your appearance settings to switch off your monitor after extended periods of not usage. Unlike screensavers, this will in fact save power.
Tip 3: Power it down.
Too many computer owners believe that leaving the PC on constantly is more energy efficient than powering it down when they’re done using it. While powering off and on the computer every 10 minutes is rather wasteful energy wise, research finds that leaving the PC on for stretches of inactivity (like while you’re out of the house or overnight) wastes much more energy. So if you’re not going to use your computer a while, power it down. And I don’t mean a simple power down. Hit the power switch, turn off the monitor, speakers, and even the printer. These waste power and there’s really no point to leaving them on while your personal computer is off.
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CT said...

Hi Sara! You'll have to figure out how to remind teenagers of #3!!! - CT