ArtFire Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Jo-Ann VIP Card
How would you like to receive a 10% discount at all Jo-Ann Stores? As part of our Common Good Partnership with Jo-Ann Stores, every member of ArtFire is eligible for the Jo-Ann VIP Card for 10% all purchases made at Jo-Ann Stores nationwide and online. The card is designed for those who sell their finished art goods, and as a seller on ArtFire you can generate the credentials you need to get your Jo-Ann VIP card. Read more about this update here.

The Certified Handmade Widget
Are you a certified handmade artisan on ArtFire? Now you can show off your certification with a new widget! This widget showcases your handmade status while linking to your studio. Some of the widget designs even include your most recently listed item. Unfortunately these widgets don’t work well on ArtFire studios, but they are perfect for off-site blogs and websites! Get the details on this new widget here. Remember if you’re not yet a certified handmade artisan, you wouldn’t be able to view these widgets. Learn how to apply here.


usqureshi said...

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design and color of the VIP card is also unique

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babar said...

if you can use colorful card insted of simple one then it will enhance the beauty of card.
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Yaseen Abbas said...

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